it is nothing only meeting, sittings, eating and personal importance’s.every day we are looking, watching, seein the girls/boys cover their faces from morning to night. why?. the boys and girls or students are not alone, they have partners.why?when they are for study so why wandering here and there in lonely places. why they are not in colleges or their residents.why they are wasting maximum times in unwanted activities.girls are inviting incidences themselves. they are coming from the different cities and villages for study or for jobs but they are free in the our places and enjoying involuntarily and some happening happens so administration and culprits are treated criminals. first of all it is individualist safety, family safety, social and administration safety. youngs are moving without precautions and free in modds. advises are futile for them . if say so you are treated out of date person. if this pattern will not changed so such crimes will increase more and more. at present abortion rates are more higher in metros. the ration of gender is imbalances  and tv serials, films, internate, pornography are increased. it is incurable diseases.