i want to share my views in these instances. there are 5 types of sins HINSA, JHOOTH, CHORI, KUSHEEL, PARIGRAH. (VOILENCE, UNTRUTH, THEFT, NON CELIBACY,AND POSSESSION.)these sins are the continuous process. you can not prevent them. there is the treatment of 5 sins 1NON VIOLENCE, 2 TRUTH 3 NON STEALTH, 4 CELEB ICY 5  NON POSSESSION.
 NOW THE PREVENTION OF SINS ARE TO FOLLOW RIGHTEOUS WAY.THESE are individualistic,. we are not teaching to the individual, society and national level that we should follow righteous ways. this a matter of endless arguments but truth is always bitter,to improve own self. when we teach to our young girls and boys to wear good mannered dresses and some religious teachings so they feel unhappiness. they think that we are keeping in strictness. we seniors always say some things for their well being ness so so they ignore. whe they engulf by such incidences so we weep. laws are not much more effective. we must be law abide d we  do not learn the lessons of other,s experiences youngsters philosophy are totally different.
our society is fully changed due to our diets,. irregular life styles, fashions, openness and modernized thoughts. they are not sufficient, we must be honest in own self. girls or females are inviting more crimes. their openness, out standing clothes, and more interest in moving here and there. study is less other activities are more.like wise boys are also following the such paths with intoxication, addiction and wandering here and there.every where and every time youngs girls and boys are moving altogether in college time. watching movies, hotel lings and drinking,driving with lovers ways. these things are initiated for crimes. advancement must be there but in this way they are inviting more problems for them.i may be wrong but truth is bitter. every youngsters are free. they are less hesitate . they are behaving like royal life on the cast of others . but the reality is only sufferer suffers more. we are only watcher/viewers. so to follow the righteous path and safety of individual is own risk. go in such way with safety, and not to move in unwanted places and with in the ranges of the approaches. laws will not help us. our moral duty is to be safe and do not lead the life in endanger state.