after the long interval  the president has advised to us. we are hearing since long.anger must without violence,rape must be without injury. who is giving attention towards the agitators.anger and violence are the two faces of the coin. you have a sympathy with  police man.
we want justice is not possible in our country.because the procedure for natural justice  and softy attitudes of courts and collection of witnesses are very lengthy procedure you can not curtailed it.being the vast country still every day such incidences are is a matter of great concerned. the moral, religious and ethical teachings are useless and baseless at present. physical wants  increased for that all sins are accepted by all. non is worried for future. in present life must be luxurious and demands are more and more.
in true sense all political speeches are only lip sympathies. there is no permanent treatment. yes treatment is first individual, family, social and state level. so we should be cautious . ultimately who becomes victim only he suffers . moral, ethical and religious art of living can solve more problems. these are increased and will increase. we have solution. to follow religious life with honesty.
i am not a preacher but my suggestions to all adopt religious , moral and ethical values. i will not say that you should do these or  do not do those. you are the best judge of own self. we must follow own selfish and useful way of living.