time is the biggest teacher. time is money. do not waste your time money, energy and food. time is more precious than money. time must be useful. according to AYURVEDA from medical point of views, time is the most important factor for healing , curing the disease and if you will not take care of time it is also the causes of diseases. every  thing is  regulated by the time. our life, age, day, months, seasons are divided by the time. our routinize is regulated by time.our happiness or grief is measured by time. if we  have lost the time will not return back like flowing river water. we are also known as child, young adult, old by time.
 time is also a substance according to some preachers.VARTNA PARINAM KRIYA PARTVAPARTVE CHA  KAALASYA, the functionsof the timeare becoming inspiring change, motion,and sequence, time in physics -several but not related (six) absolute time, astronomical time change etc,
according to ayurveda  when we eat food/meal kapha increases first, then pitta and in the last vayu.in infant and young ages kaphaj diseases are more, in adult age pittaj and in old ages vataj diseases are more. like wise morning time is for kaphaj, after noon or noon for pittaj evening time for vattaj. so if we follow our life style according to time measured we will be happy.