SHE DIED. rape victim died. rapers are enjoying. still every day we are waiting/watching for such heinous crimes. politicians, ministers, officials, NGOs and other faculties of the societies enraged the issues from all corners but we are watching helplessly. our law makers and execute res are waiting for the destiny of the one chapter is closed. now we will see the pourings of tears, lip sympathies. from government sides explanations and only words we will see, we will take, we have taken  and sympathizers will weep crocodiles tears. media will ask questions and there will be no answer. sorrow, grief and sentiments.
 now who has learn the lesson after the incidence and after the fated of her death. none. there will be several arguments regarding dresses., police patrolling, civic senses and moral duties of each one. still no body is ready to follow the  the character building fight. every body is advanced in modern age. we are worshiping the globalization, modernization, western culture is helpful. cinemas, tv serials, fashion are important. co education, early marriages, at liberty to go and attend bars, late night enjoyments.
after this incidence the rape cases are increasing more and more. who are the sufferers. we are seems  to be modern advance on the cast of own life, on character. still we have to follow the religious values in our lives. if not so these incidences are the onset of the crimes . we will not safe in home, houses , streets and any where. females are always the soft targets of the crimes like rapes, chain snatching s.  we are very sorry to say about the incidence and result but we should also learn some lessons and  beware of the future. it is not necessary to learn the lesson when own self will suffer. we learn from others. we respect the females, girls when they are living/ following the conducts/rules of the own self and society, family. provocative dresses and multiple boy friends, absconding from schools and colleges and even working places and only enjoyments are their objects so some one are watching you and if you are ignoring so ultimately who will suffer. we want to teach them some ethical and modern values so they treat us orthodox, out of dated. we agree and become helpless but after happening the happens so no body will help you.
in the present case she suffered only with her family. we have shown our solidarity  only. all were still with her but she gone. who saved her. doctors, politicians, officials, society. so be safe in own limits. DO NOT CROSS THE LAXMAN REKHA.