this battle will take along journey. it is a case of one or many. it is not committed by one or many. the story behind is that there are two separate is not happened first time, not in past and will be on wards.the question before us why such happening happens. in last 30 years when our economical and living style upgraded the children educations field expanded as per the need. secondly the girls are willing to be qualified and  and they succeeded. now the beginning of the causes starts from the home, our do the introspection in truth how much we are reading religious books,history, moral ethical values. when we are all sitting during meals, how we family members are interacting with all. how much time we are spending with our family members.are our children are ready to hear our views. they are listening moral values, if you are saying so your are treated out of dated youth there is no place of religion, moral, ethical values,they do not share their views with their parents. previously we live in common place, now today each one has own room with all facilities. we are meeting /living like a hotel.some times only holiday is the day of meetings or when our needs are their. we are living as isolated life. now the foundation of character building is poor. like wise boys or sons are also playing more wider ranges of their activities. when he is going,where is going, what is doing, how much time spend in the home with family members. when he is waking and sleeping. in which society he belongs, who are his friends.
 now the population is over crowded. police and administration fears  are no where. we are living in AT LIBERTY. wants are more and every body wants to be richest in shortest times and shortcuts. expenses are more and  sources of incomes are less, so they are inclined towards crimes like robbery,stealing. chain snatching, etc, when they succeeded so they adopts ill habits like smoking, drinking and drugs, gambling and sexual crimes. now the girls /women are the soft targets for them because we are living in FEARLESS SOCIETY.
WHAT IS THE TREATMENT== the males  must treat the females like mother, sister or daughter. to respect them and try to save them . there must be in each mohalla or colony a club where are must sit and think over the matter and try to take actions against the sufferers,we know it is difficult but impossible. secondly mother/elder must teach to youngsters  how to be safe and they must follow the instructions.police fear is must. they must be dutiful and honest. it is a such matter by which every one is affected.who so ever .religious teachings to all is must.our politicians must be characterful with full commitments,