truth is always bitter.every body wants to say but if we present in sugar coated manner so that is acceptable. if Nandy had used the word also ( bhee) so the dispute may be mild. he used the word have to (hee). if he used the theory of relativity so there will no no problem. every one is corrupt and wholesomely all want money in short cut manner.he will face the crisis. if he was a politician and elected or selected member of the parliament or assembly so he had a license to say every thing in houses or on streets. he will be honored every where.there are several burning examples like maya wati, lalu yadav, mulayam singh, sibu soren,kalmani etc. corruption is boundary less and you can find in every walk of life. it starts from our own houses. we are giving bribe to wife , sons and daughters brothers and sisters in many kinds like cash or in kinds. none are exempted by the corruptions and bribes. those are opposing to Nandy are opposing on the basis of bribe. no body is so soft hearten to fight for them.they have selfish motives. we are enjoying. politicians have right to say any thing in any way. they are free for their the matter is sub judicious . now wait and watch.