i pay request to the writer MRS MENKA GANDHI JI. agree with your logic s .i know  that you are active in the field of nonviolence, animal protection and vegetarianism . i also know that you were in power and still powerful. we are opposing the ban on export of meat. during your ministerial  regime Shri bajpai ji had given words to jain saint Acharya Vidhya Sagar JI  THAT we will be in power will ban the export of meat. he had not full filled his words. when the economy of the any country based on violence future will be in dark.there are two opposite poles of the govt. one side praising the songs of non violence and other side encouraging the meat eating and export.

i am not worried for those who are eating meat  I USED TO SAY EAT MORE MEAT AND INVITE INCURABLE DISEASES AND DEATH IS THE BEST TREATMENT but we can oppose the ban of export of meat. but it is also impossible because our economy is based on the export of meat. we are not worried climate, environment and forests, rivers and violence.we are greedy of money.none will safe us except we will not controlled the killings of animals. if this process will be continued so our speeches,articles will be baseless. because there is a aggressive marketing of  meat exporters.KFC, Mcdonald  etc are the best user of the meat, eggs, and pouring us unwanted materials those are harmful. they are not worried for conservation of nature but how the sale the meat in maximum .

 kindly support the ban of export of meat in central level. this is pending.