it is also a big issue for congress and will be boon . i hope it is like a ALLUDDIN KA CHIRAAG. like wise congress is not publicize the issues of scams. how many scams committed by the party. how much much is flowing  and how much the benefactors of the scams. kindly exposed the names. it is my presumption that the party chief, PM and gang of 4 are the real scams achievers.
 i am agree with the food security bill , but the nature of working in our country is very doubted. we are worried for the misuses and corruptions will increase. on other side when they will get free foods so other side effects will be generate or develop. lack of manual workers will be there. and they will not available because they have plenty food and in other schemes they are getting they will be the richest men of the society. the next generation will be worker less and we have be dependent. no menialworkers will be is the beginning of RAM RAJYA .