MALALA ‘s speech is really thought provoking. every day we are wasting huge sums on the weapons, arms, nuclear weapons. every day we are killed by terrorists. we are expensing  huge sums for protections, wasting time, money, energy and food for eradicating the terrorism.every time we are living in fear, under pressure. our energy are wasting in wrong directions.we want to eradicated illiteracy , improve health, food, water, sanitation, roads, electricity.. millions are away from the daily needs like milk, vegetables, grains, medicines, . it is the need of hour that we want to establish peace through non violence, peace, compassion, friendship . we want respect from all, no terrorism, no arms, no weapons,we want food, health, education, electricity, roads etc. we want to eradicate corruption free politics, administrations. transparency in every walk of life. we  want bright future with highly qualified education, remove poverty, every one must have health safety, medicines, houses to every one and peacefully livelihood.