it is now proved that there were negligence and irregularities . it is also true that the students were died. it is necessary to set up an is an important part to save the government say that our machinery is failed.govt will provide compensation. those died how the govt will revive  them. it is a very heinous crime , who so ever did must be exposed, punished. now the second issue for future. how to control such requires honesty, purity, selfless services and there must be welfare attitudes. in our country at present time we are suffering/facing such crisis . no where is honesty. only selfish attitudes are to implement the is a big question before us.the lives of the poor may be meaningless for the govt but those are suffering, their feelings are very crucial. this matter should not be handled is a very sensitive matter. it should be treated as a family . cleanliness is next to godliness. purity must be external and internal. the duty should not be treated as burden. cooks must be skilled and management must be honest to the is the collective responsibility of the persons related to the incidences.