to day we are aware that every day we are watching the news of midday meals irregularities. due to that many deaths occurred and  daily in the state , in many districts after consuming the meals students are falling ill. some have vomiting, food poisoning and un- healthy food supply. we have seen that the preparations of the meals are in the class rooms, in verandahs,or in the huts. there are no light, no air, filthy and muddy floors.the workers are localized and they have no proper trainings   and they are totally dependent on the wishes of local leaders, suppliers of raw materials. the raw materials are always sub standards, and the quantity of the raw materials are disproportionate. for examples one kg pulse for 80 students. 3kgs potatoes for 80 students, like wise rice . no proper preparations, no spices . and it is the only formality for the students, creams materials remains in the hands of local leaders, teachers, or suppliers. there is no cross checking s. the fuels, utensils and the containers are not up to marks. due to improper keeping’s the ants, rats cats and others insects are prevalent in the raw materials.
for this there must be responsibility and accountability of the related concerned persons. it is the service to the poor so honesty, purity and integrity must be  there. take it like our home preparations. law will not applicable but moral responsibility is most important.
we are hopeful that the state of MP will follow the strictness and should not occur like Bihar in our state.IT IS THE JOINT RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL COLLECTORS, MAHILA VIKAS ADHIKARI, ANGAN WADI WORKERS, EDUCATION DEPARTMENT AND LOCAL LEADERS.