the article is written by great writer on the guru and explained the word GURU VERY BEAUTIFULLY. every one is affected by some one or many. first his parents, teachers in school, colleges, and any field requires guide . in philosophical, religious field there is a need of one MASTER/GURU/PREACHER./ TORCH. there are 3 important  things are required 1 Dev means god/ treethankars/ prophets/ 2 SHASTRAS means holy books, superscripts purans, agam vedas  3 GURU MEANS TEACHER/preacher/master/ torch.we are celebrating GURU PURINAMA . on this auspicious day  we worship our guru.
    there are various types of the literature available on guru. just i am trying to say and want to add some new ways of guru. total meaning is based on the above article.  VISHAYASHATEETO NIRAARMBHOAPRIGRAGRAHAH,GYANDHYANTAPORATNASTAPSWI SA who is not attached or no expectation of any desires.not insisting any business  or business less , no possessions of any kinds and he is fully devoted in search of knowledge, meditation and austerity like gems .so one who is possessing these  qualities ia respected and praised by all.
    one who is away from  the attachments of five senses and he is not indulge in the realations of own wife or even other woman , because due to them he becomes dependent. his Independence  will be turmoil.that means he must be the conqueror of own passions  and on own senses . who has given up any sort of business means he is not indulge any sources of income  and must be pure internally and externally. there should not be any belongings  and who is fully keeping the gems of knowledge, meditation and austerity . he is alway ready for the welfare of others and improvements of own.
in other words he is too away from VISHAYA, KASHAYAS, AARAMBHA AND PARIGRAH . so in this way JAIN MONKS ARE THE REAL FORM OF GURU. in the short JISKE JEEWAN ME GURU NAHIN , USKA JEEWAN SHURU NAHIN. one who is not disciple of any guru, his life is not started  in right true sense guru is thr ready made encyclopaedia of all sorts of education and a resourceful person of he knowledge.always bow the head before guru.GURU GOBIND DONO KHADE, KAAKE LAAGU PAANV, BALHAARI  GURU AAPKI GOBIND DIYO in this way he acts like torch and shows us the neat, clean thorn-less  way/road/path/destination.