it is a clandestine nexus. it starts from top to the bottom. in every program me there are chances of mismanagement due  to all related personal selfish involvement.they have no sympathy for the users. they are the blood suckers. every stage there is irresponsibility, no interest towards the poor. they have only interest for how to gain more advantages. misuses of powers, and to function forcefully to the subordinates. it is a clear cut criminal and inhumane acts. after that incidences we are reading and watching more cases of mid day meals , causalities are there and none local leaders are affected by the misdeeds. it is a shameful condition of our nation. judicial procedures have their own roles. and criminals are enjoying. and the sufferers are the real sufferers and none are worried for the. only god is there,
it requires discipline. sensitivities and proper services . in future such incidences will be unbearable .we are hopeful. but chances are very poor.because there is no fear. there are only one common interest corruptions. mis managements.