now in our country no body is poor, no starvation, no food crises, no unemployment.we are now residing in GUPTA ERA/IN RAM RAJYA. on this auspicious occasion we will celebrate our Independence day, every day. alas RAJ BABBAR OR RASID JI you come to my house with KATORA OF ALUMINUM , you will get in free. still you are getting free meals, house and other things in free. being MP you have right to get every facilities in free with additional help, why you people are misleading to the nation poverty free.i know you have eraned more and have no sympathies with the poor. are they ready to eat in 12 rs or 5 rs  meals happily. if you will eat so you will be in the line of mid day meals episodes. what a non sense statements are delivering. are they the responsible persons/ leaders or magicians or jokers. live in grass root level. live like poor. it is a mocking of the people of our poor country. you are enjoying on the cast of us , and trying to remove own poverty. shameful positions of these bloody leaders.
 you people have no moral responsibility. like wise our PM is a silent movie, sitting and watching. no reaction like lifeless creature. his poverty is removed and watching the richness of poor. visit in cities, villages so you will realize the naked truth. you are getting all sorts of the facilities on the cast of our and entertaining there. i hope they wear pocket less clothes and no need of money /purse  and getting all things free so laughing on us. you are illegible for whole life and after you ,your family will get pension. if you earn money like labor so you will realize the actuality of the poor. i pray to god that please do not be poor. POVERTY IS THE CURSE OF THE SOCIETY. if you are hopefully expecting for the food from other is like HELL. do not be proudly because ego is bad and time is the greatest and mightiest teacher. when you will be on the death beds and having all sorts of the foods but unable to eat, when you will be unconscious so  you will be helpless. my dear leaders please understand the gravity of your statement. why you are comparing with you. do not compare with AMBANI, TATA , BIRLA, .