it is the best example of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Mitra has lost his intelligentsia .he is a selected member. he is also not elected member of parliament.he has expressed his opinion like narrow mindedness,. Sen has said that he not like Modi as a PM. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE QUALIFICATION OF MODI, is he a graduate or not. only qualification is that he  is 3rd time CM of the state. but  due to this he is not illegible for the post of PM. he is manner less, . he surpassed ADVANI JI. although the politics is the dirtiest game of our country. in politics leaders are the best shameless creatures.
whole world is respecting to SEN and MITRA has shown his bankrupts of his personality. THE title is meaningless. who is hungry of title. it is the best and worst part of gaining the title from the govt. it requires tout-ism.SEN is above the title. but Mitra has shown the philosophy of his party. if MODI will be the PM , THE CHANCES ARE THIN.the party will uncovered many those are against the party. it is the real WARS OF WORDS.