there are 4 pursuits of human. DHRAMA, ARTH, KAAM, MOKSHA . NOW at present we are more worried for Arth(DHAN,WEALTH) AND KAAM ( LUST, SEX)  and want MOKSHA (LIBERATION, SALVATION, SET FREE FROM WORLDLY CYCLE) agree  without engine how your train will carry the compartments of arth, kaam , moksha. wealth must be earned  but regulated by dhrama , religion, ethics,we are not ignoring the values of money. money is a media through witch we can get,/obtain/fulfill our desires/wants/expectations. we must be introspective about the sources of wealth, how we are earning, how we are using or mis- using. if we are earning  in wrong/unethical way so we will be in troubled.
we have the best example of Valmiki . the great scholar of our time, when he was asked by the saints , who are participating in your such misdeeds or sins , to whom your are doing such heinous crimes and who will share your sins. the family members replied we will not participate your misdeeds/acts but we are eating the fruits what you are providing. so he realized the naked truth of the world and he had given up and became the great saint.
 today we are watching many scams  done by the persons , those had done so they are suffering. they are going to jails. they are in the troubles. that means the wealth and lust be regulated by dharama/ethics so we will lead our lives peacefully and will achieve moksha means peaceful/sinless live. if not so we will be in trouble. it means our all activities must be regulated by religion and earning of wealth and lust be in controlled and ethical ways.