every coin has two sides. i know that govt has taken decision against the SDM is may be right/ correct. secondly what so ever decision taken by the SDM on that moment was right.i understand that now the disputes of egoism.it is an ordinary process in the administration. suspension is not the punishment, but there is oblique intention. we know that the topic of communal violence, sand mafias interference are there but govt of UP is played by them.i know that she did her duties honestly, for the welfare of the state and people but her honesty is  not accepted by the bosses so remove her from the particular place  after reinstate she will be posted in Secretariat  as a deputy secretary, in other post in the capital. she will be banned in the fields in this regime. it is the problem before the govt employee but some times honesty is the curse in the govt.she will enjoy but the position of the govt will be effected. because to the the criminals there must be upper hands. when she has not upper hands so she will be thrown any where and any time. IT IS THE FIGHT OF EGO.