it is known and every body is preaching but none is following. why? because we are mentally prepared, in words we are saying but in action we are not acting or executing. it is the vast differences between thinking and acting. ego is not only the causes of corruptions but it is causes of wandering in 84 lacs yonies. means in the cycle of life and death. in the universe. we are wandering here and there due to ego , ego is the king and his two chieftains RAAG(ATTACHMENT) AND DWESH (AVERSION). still we are known about the naked truth that we are not carry any worldly things after death but we are blindly following the desires /wants of many many things.and they are all futile but we are pursuing the things like our souls.
we are blind with eyes. we are wandering here and there and the end is zero. we are in every moment wandering in attachment or aversion. he is good ,he is bad. i like him ,i dislike them.still we are knowingly committing sins. and wants to be free.