very delighted subject/topic is this. i also agree with the writer.all points raised by her are fine and admirable. we are  now cult, educated, free live in, freedom in work, society, and economically sound also. all are good signs of the developments and progress. now i want to ask the same questions raised by writer, that if you are the mother of your growing girl/daughter then you think in that way. if she comes late, smokes, drinks, attending clubs,purchasing condoms. now what will be your reactions/opinions about her. your are liberal and open are too modern then you will accept her acts or not. in the last who will be the real sufferer of these acts. now she will bear but after some times when she will be the mother and i hope that your daughter will not allow her daughter to follow the same paths.
we know if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost some thing is lost and if character is lost all thing is lost.
why you are teaching her to get early, finish your daily routine in particular time, some exercises, meditations, share in your kitchen, to learn the food preparations, to study hard and pass with highest marks and live in respectable life and be characterful. because the daughter is a bridge of two clans.after all she will marry and pass her life in her husbands serve best duties towards in -laws, sisters , brothers and family.modern life means respectable, honorable and graceful life. no sinner life and enjoy with own husband.
 i have seen that  the company of boy friends leads in sorrowful end. at liberty the daughter becomes mother, then why you angered . why you not accept teach her moral ethical values along with modern cultured life. no pain if you are accepting modern aged life, liberty, enjoyable life. after some times she and you suffer more. i advise to use condoms, cigarets, wines, extra marital relations .these are acceptable or not?