i agree with the reports. there are 3 boards or councils . Medical council of India. Ayurveda boards and Homeopathy council. a person who is qualified in his field will be registered in that councils or boards.i agree  that he is eligible for the practice.
now there are government doctors and private practitioners.  now govt. doctors those are posted in the hospital, CHC,,PHC, CIVIL DISPENSARIES, AYURVEDA, HOMEOPATHY, UNANI DISPENSARIES, are not doing their duties regularly and honestly. 5o% are doing their duties  in the urban areas. where as 10% are only doing their duties in rural areas and 90% are not residing on their HEAD QUARTERS.Ps are running their nursing homes, hospitals and consultations.
 how many % are serving in macro and micro interior villages . zero % because there are no basic infrastructures, no building, no roads, no electricity , no modern facilities . now the villagers have no options but the government doctors have options either get transfer or no to attend daily duty. so there is public support to them due to irregularity  so the quacks are doing services.
 i am not advocating the roles of quacks, i oppose and propose that who is not registered in requisite boards or council are treated unauthorized practitioner , he must be treated as a criminal but the registered doctors , govt,doctors, pps are  catering 20% of the population of our country and 80% unqualified, unauthorized doctors means quacks are still serving to the people. because people have options  and those are easily available , dealing emergencies are respected by public.
super specialist , specialist are doing best jobs due to quacks, quacks are the feeders of them. when patients are not relieved by them so they approach to the specialists  and they treat and looted the the patients. there is no harm if they are taking super specialists fees but in the villages we have to make policy. still state govts and central govt is insisting to serve in the rural areas but in our democracy  those are powerful, political and administrative sounds are not attending villages and cities,govts are helpless. no doctors are honest on their duties. once they get the jobs after that they are getting privy purse and pensions. all are politically sound. there is a policy that in every 3 years they are entitle for transfer but many who are posted in one place passed whole life services on the same place where as those have no political support used to get transfer every year. so this discrepancies are also be meet out. secondly if we banned the quacks so what is second line of treatment in cities, in villages.
if we will ban the quacks and there will be no other options so there will be no need of FAMILY WELFARE DEPARTMENT IN STATES AND CENTRAL! because with out the primary health services they will die and automatically our population will be controlled. i did lot work in this field but due to political inferences none can get success.it is a big issue. words are less .