IT IS not the matter of ego. in the administration this is used to happen. for the natural justice  there are several citation of courts. it is the power of the govt to suspend and transfer to any one in the interest of law. i also agree that no one can interfere in the business. but for the natural justice the decision should not be biased.

in  this matter the govt has taken decision in hasty and CM has taken the decision on the basis of his political friends and those are interested to shunt her. she is SDM but being the IAS cadre it is a matter of is not a big issue. in the parliament many issues were withdrawn so if CM revokes her suspension is not a matter of ego. being the govt employee he or she is  bound or obey the orders. but when she is posted in a very sensitive place and there are many irregularities are there so she is bound to follow the law and order. she has a judiciary powers also. no body is pleased with judge. because aggrieved always remain unhappy.

 it is not a matter of ego. in public life and in democratic systems no body is permanent. this a temporary issue, it is a routine work . after revoking her suspension govt can transfer her and put an independent inquiry and if she found guilty so punished her accordingly. 

it is not a big issue. do not take it as a prestige.