it is true that the suspension of DURGA SHAKTI is not a very big issue. in the services it is a very common practice of the higher the UPA chairperson is intervening in the matter. it is acceptable or not. but in our country. and all states many many officers and employees are facing such crisis. but they are unheard by even the head of the department, secretary, ministers, CM and even Governor are not worried. it is because the UP govt is headed by  SP party. so it is a prestigious issue of all opposite parties.
 i want to say in this context. i am also sufferer of the GOVT OF MP. i worked hard in favor of the govt some have lodged the complaints against me. so government of M P issued the charge sheet after my retirement. now i am facing D E. i have given my reply on basis of records but the secretary of AYUSH Department Vallabha bhavan  bhopal BUT he is not satisfied. the same practice he has applied and applying but being  the govt he is right. i did so wrong.
 i inspected many dispensaries of the REWA DIVISON AND SHAHDOL both divisions , in my department the doctors, paramedical staffs were not performing their duties regularly. many dispensaries remained closed months together. so i did inspection  and on very day posted inspection reports to the competent officers eg DISM, DIVISIONAL COMMISSIONERS, COLLECTORS, DIST, AYURVEDA OFFICER, AND RELATED PERSON CONCERNED. asked for explanations and after that issued disciplinary actions against them. so the aggrieved employees  collectively lodged the complaints and after the 2 years of retirement govt has instituted DE.
it is injustice but there is no political, administrative  support i am suffering. they are giving pension when pension office had issued PPO and also i approached to the collector, commissioner, chief secretary CM, human rights commission BHOPAL  BUT my efforts were in vain.govt has vast powers. so such injustice i am facing but none is helping me. i am mentally, economically and even socially suffering.  i have no option only to face the DE.