in the democratic country like our country, it is not applicable  to follow the laws. because many officers have the upper hands of the politicians. politicians are in other words are known as gunda, mafia, gangster etc. they are the real ruler  of the country . the honesty is the curse of the society in present time. the corrupt who earns and distributes the money is the boon of the society. honest are now less and corruption increased more. and without the upper hands support you can not earn money  without the support of politicians.

some times the IAS are treated own self next to god.when they have powers so they misuse power more and more. they treat their subordinates like their servants. they over look the grievances of the subordinates . in district and state level  subordinates are ill treated by them so subordinates approach to the politicians,ministers for their grievances.when they are in trouble so they  expect their subordinates to help/support them.every coin has two sides.