IT IS a shocking news but no one is ready to curb this incidences, because there are some criminal/ unsocial involved and mostly are outsiders/hostelers are doing such misdeeds. generally boys are ill treated and girls are  treated by their seniors very badly. many  newly admitted students  do not attend the colleges and not dare to lodge the complaints due to ineffective protections. no body gives proper attentions on them .when such incidence occurred then we analyze  the causes.
  it is the noble duties of the student to give up or break this custom . make a friendly atmosphere and to assist is the ideal way. and help them, cooperate them so they will give you respect long life. if you misbehave they will hate you and some time revengeful attitude develop. police, administrations, parents are less helpful. try to solve this issue by changing the mental attitudes of the seniors.if not so every year more students will die and may be one of them you may is a malpractice of the society and of student society.