very true , SATTAWIC , RAJSIK AND TAMSIK natures are congenital and acquired.we are in such atmosphere residing that there are 3 main things starts since every ones childhood. COMPARISON my child is born 3 kgs, you 4 kgs, my child is fair and your dark, my child got 80% and your 90% . second PRADARSHAN (EXHIBITION) i have 3 houses , you two 2, i have 5 cars you have one, my relatives are highly placed and your low etc and third REPUTATION (PRITISHTHA ) I am powerful . i an a chief minister, you are cabinate minister, you are PM  and i am president. i am a justice, you are chief justice, i have too much power in district and you have block level power.
secondly more intentions more tensions , less intentions less tensions and no intentions no tensions.
 one couplet is ATAM KO HIT HAI SUKH SO SUKH, AAKULTA BIN KAHIYE, AAKULTA SHIVMANHI N TATEN, SHIVMAG LAAGYO CHAHIYE. so it indicates that every one wants pleasure , pleasure must be stress or tension less. tension or stress is in the way of lord ship  so we devote ourselves in lordships way.