This is a little tutorial to help you understand better what to expect from Traity. I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

Personality tests, like Myers Briggs or the Big-5, help you learn about yourself, your core characteristics which drive some of your thinking or your behaviours. This is the very reason why Human Resources professionals love them.

The Traity profiles are based on the well known Big-5 Personality Traits, explained below, which define the most important characteristics of people. We have selected a few people to help you understand the descriptions better. It’s often best not to be in either extreme.

Extroversion / Introversion

Extroverted people are open, talkative, enthusiastic, competitive, gregarious, and persuasive. They enjoy variety in daily life and being the center of attention. They might lack concentration in routine, long tasks, and can sometimes be impulsive or indiscreet.

Introverted people are reserved and shy when in company. They prefer calm environments and dislike being the center of attention. They are inhibited in teams and are not natural communicators. They reflect on things, and can concentrate on long tasks.

Tom Cruise is extroverted, gregarious and highly persuasive.
Clark Kent, the character under which Superman hid, was shy and calm, tried to avoid the spotlight and focused on his tasks.

Agreeable / Assertive

Agreeable people try to reach consensus in groups, enjoying team participation. They are tolerant of others, empathic, and seen as kind and generous. They have patience and can find it difficult to push colleagues to do things. They might be seen as soft and have a democratic management style.

Assertive people are self-reliant and independent. They are dominant, pushy, and not natural team players. They put goals over people and can be impatient with other colleagues. They are able to make unpopular decisions and have an autocratic management style.

Mother Teresa was agreeable in her approach, patient and generous, she influenced people by means of asking questions and reaching consensus.
Don Vitto Corleone, the Godfather, is a good example of an assertive personality, decisive to make things happen fast, even at the risk of being unpopular.

Open / Conforming

Open people avoid routines and procedures, and instead tend to improvise. They enjoy performing challenging tasks, accepting risks and solving new problems. They are idealistic, creative, and intellectual.

Conforming people find it easy to follow rules, avoiding risks and change. They are conservative and practical, and tend to adapt instead of considering new approaches.

Albert Einstein was highly creative and approached science from a distinct and intellectual perspective.
Marge Simpson is a good example of conforming personality, preferring safety over risk, and able to repeat tasks being practical and efficient.

Conscientious / Unstructured

Conscientious people have a structured approach to work, focus on small details, and are efficient. They plan before acting, are reliable, perseverant, and goal-oriented.

Unstructured people have a flexible, informal approach to work. They are strategic, and focus on the big picture and do not care about the small details. They deal well with multiple tasks and changing environments, and are not fully committed to formal tasks.

Michael Jordan was highly conscientious, preparing every minute of his season, following a very strict schedule and being highly focused on his goals.
Neo, the character from the Matrix, was highly unstructured as a computer hacker. He was a good example of adaptability to changing environments and a big-picture thinker rather than detailed.

Neurotic / Calm

Sensitive people appreciate art and emotions. They are hesitant and dislike making important decisions. They can be somewhat pessimistic and concerned about the unexpected and be nervous when presenting their own ideas.

Stable people are relaxed and calmed under pressure. They have high self-steem and are optimistic. They enjoy taking lead and autonomy, and are ambitious and able to cope with the unexpected.

Report.trait.emotional stability.high
Barack Obama is calm and optimistic, relaxed in difficult environments, creating positive atmospheres around himself, which helps him to lead effectively.
Report.trait.emotional stability.low
Steve Jobs was highly sensitive, which made him at the same time a genius and controversial, with constant changes of mood but with amazing sensitivity to arts and design.

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