really we are watching the poorest or substandard of the politics and our politicians /ministers and responsible personalities are also poor to the BPL. WE ashamed that their energies are wasting on only criticism.its results are zero, meaningless and usually we forget but our medias are playing more vital roles and magnifying their statements and becomes the matter of debate/ discussion. we are wasting our time but in this way we are watching circus of politics.all are jokers and wandering here and there in the jungle. they are looking like mockers.we are enjoying and passing our time. they are acting such acts in parliament also. it is very shameful position of our INDIAN POLITICAL CIRCUS. none have patience and common sense. all are foolish and their aims are zero. only to be remain on medias and news . now these will increase day by day due to elections. IT IS ONLY THE MOTH EJACULATIONS.