IN OUR COUNTRY  BHARAT VARSH, BHARAT, HIDUSTAN INDIA  are synonyms of the mother land. some one said it is built/constructed by god. TRIDEVA brahma, vishnu mahesh . that means here is 3 tiers systems like this in our state Madhypradesh so called MAN PASAND SARKAR. here is also 3 tiers MINISTERS, SECRETARIES, DIRECTORS. so our lokayukt  is like a outsider of the system. he was the justice but not the politician/not officers . he has no knowledge of official procedures. he is a executive officer not working personal. here is LAA AND ODER IS ONLY EFFECTIVE AND ONLY THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF RESERVE BANK OF INDIA IS ONLY EFFECTIVE. not below the rank of that no  body is effective. here is no note sheets of  the ministers are  effective .the  notes are most effective.we are to curb corruptions but it is flourishing more and more. his 2 years time will be passed easily and if not so he may be removed by the SARKAR. So my opinion is to enjoy more and pass time .