as respected PM of PAK said that we  are weak , poor and brave country. you have only problem of Kashmir. it is the one factor of war. there are many many issues before you like power, debt, economical crisis.  these are well known and your are accustomed .in true sense you and your govt is engulfed by MILITARY,MULLA, MAULAVI, MILITANTS, TERRORISTS, AND FORE MOST USA you are poor and have courage to expense millions of rupees on the weapons.and activating  infiltrations against  neighbor and teaching the lesson of peace.
 mr PM if you are really to establish peace in your country, in your people so cultivate our old culture Indian culture of love, non violence and brotherly relations, although we are your elder brother so treat us in that way. you must know that the brothers are good friends and worst enemies.this issue is dissolve if you and your govt like. your public is also not supporting you. the military is not under your control. mulla, maulavies are against you. military do not like politicians and the heaven of militants , terrorist are you and your govt. you have taken more debt from USA so you are unable to go against USA. YOUR NEW FRIENDS ARE are poor  in all respect but your will power against us is very high. we appreciate your likings. we know that you want peace but your teams are against you. because they will establish peace so their sources of incomes and their politics will get loss.
it is impossible and like incurable disease like cancer is our issues. it is a long term process. we are able to defense us. if once we will be offensive so it will be very crucial time for you people. your situations are very alarming for you. and for your self. we are neglecting but it does not mean that we are coward and weak. we are keeping patience  and also worried for our safety because violence is not the solutions of all issues.
it is an ideal way to sit and respect the opinions of others. you must be free from all tensions, egos and proud. you sit like brother and share your issues with us so we can lead this area developed and we can show to the world  our old cultures. it is happy that you have accepted your weakness with open heart and wants peace. but these borders issues will be solve if you are really interested. since 67 years we are solving this issue but the result was zero. so it will be like on wards. and we will enjoy with words and our actions are totally against our words. we have to be disciplined and respect the opinions of others. i hope it is proper time because at present economical crisis are more serious  and none has capacity to bear more destruct ions, more losses. because the end of war increases revenge . it is not a short term treatment it will be ever lasting and permanent.we are worried for own problems like poverty, health, education, foods, power, roads and price hikes. you have no issues because you are ready to survive in poverty. but we are not like that. so keep peace in this region.