now it is an incurable is  not a new thing. it is a continuous process. now how to save/protect our selves. women are the softest targets . we are unable to change the nature of males. they are always in search of such crimes. laws are many . but this types of crimes you can check by rules. rules are fools. rules are effective but fearless. every one is not feared by rules. every day we are knowing rule breakers. social, moral teachings are not effective today because there are many factors are associated with this issue.
many minds many issues. some are imposing cinema, television, literature,dress, co education and so on .but some times females are inviting and some times circumstances are there. in my opinion if individual should be alert and cautious  about own self. secondly to manage own time. but this is the biggest problems before us.we are now helpless?or our males are like animals  or sexuality is now a disease. we are more concerned but there is no ray of to control such crime is a YAKSHYA