bill is good but effective implementations are necessary. in our knowledge all schemes are failed of UPA . WE ARE NOT HOPEFUL FOR SUCCESS. our systems, men powers are not trust worthy. the officials, local leaders, politicians, ministers, MP, MLA. are not with clean hands. all  hands are with corruptions.we want upliftment of poor. poverty  is the curse of the society but in this way the poor will be KAAM CHOR. and labor  problems will increase. and menial workers will be no where. in true sense one citizen of the country is sharing his money on SC, ST, POOR AND POOREST MINISTERS/POLITICIANS/ POLITICIANS ARE  PARASITE AND BLOOD SUCKERS. future of the nation is dark. no price control. crimes will increase more and more. money is not in the market, people will suicide more and there will be no ray of hope,it is the desire of the congress party chieftain and indirectly it the vote bank policy.we are unable to understate the policy of  govt and all political parties. they are leading to poor in competent and without work they will get foods so they will not perform their own works . it effects on us.future is dark.