how our beloved leaders are helpless. they are all experienced persons.if they are failed so say directly and called TELGI, VADRA, PUNE BASED MERCHANT name forgotten. harshad mehta, kunda, raja, kalamajhi etc will be helpful. because law breakers are more intelligent than law followers. so P M is failed at present. where is his economy, what is the use of his intelligence. previously the rulers were more able. call some uneducated F M. HE WILL ABLE TO CONTROL THE RUPEES DOWNFALL. all are boasting and helpless. they are playing with USA POLICY MAKERS. shame on. our seas are very deep so you go and drown there. we are also going to earth so help is very ridiculous  for our country. biggest country and failing in such fields. how you will cop the poverty. we are facing every day price hikes crisis and  they are only doing lip sympathies and mouth ejaculation..enjoy 5 months then you will be on earth. in this way you will not get votes and any will loss their doubt they have eradicated their poverty. MMS has no reaction. he is a silent movie and watching us.go in hell .