there is a story, when Ravan was on death bed. he called SHIV JI and scolded that I am the devotee of YOU. so why you not supported me in war with RAMA. SHIV JI answered politely that Ravan you have stolen the SEETA in the form of monk, priest so whole community of priests defamed so I have supported. if you would done that act in the form of king so i might  helped you.
sex is the inner most instinct of human. male or female are totally attached with skin, eyes, tongue, nose and ears. means 5 senses, each sense is the cause of downfall. for example the elephant is trapped by female elephant. she kept away from the male elephant and between them they make a hollow space covered with leaves. then elephant was stimulated and follow the she . when he runs so he falls in hollow and was caught. so each sense has many many pains.
we are not worried about ASARAMA or any one. he has committed crime in the form of sadhu, saint, preacher, it is a crime. he lost his moral, character, nature. he has broken the faith of millions. he played such heinous games with cunningness. it is not desirable. every one who is married, common man does with his life partner every day forcefully or willingly. but he mislead the girls and played emotional blackmail.he is also the devil in the form of saint. OSHO has accepted this fact and he applied openly and bravely. his followers committed but not as a crime .there are only 5 sins. 1HINSA 2 JHOOTHA 3 CHORI, 4 KUSHEEL, 5 PARIGRAH. AND 5 VRATTA. 1AHIMSA 2 SATYA 3 ACHAURYA 4 SHEEL 5 APRIGRAHA.all crimes are due to 5 sins.all rules are for 5 sins.he is intoxicated by proud, egos so his down fall starts. he must be behind the bars with his son also a culprit. so send his wife in jail so he will enjoy with his wife happily. he has earned huge sums, properties and name and fame so he is enjoying. ministers, officers , richest men and middle men are worshiping him so he became arrogant.time is the biggest teacher. he is a lire and rascal.he must be punished  with RI.