it is true that in present era, study is vanishing. every one is busy and running voluntary or involuntary.when they have no time of eating, no time of rest, only the race is how to earn money more and more. he/she is now not worried the pains of family, family members and even own husband/wife and children. their houses/homes are like rest houses/hotels and they are like hotels /restaurants.if he or she is ill so he/she has no time of rest. only chasing for  the  money. in this circumstances reading of books are unimaginable,during the course of degree what they have learn t is  sufficient for them. their more important object is work culture. they have much more time in gossips, Tv /cinema and other activities, they have no time for their family. there is no talk among the family members. they have no respect to elders or younger s. their motto is money.
in this way the study of classic or religious or literature s are far away. they think that the study is useless. more study more confusions, less study less confusions and no study no confusions.
our ultimate goal is to live peacefully. live honorable , well educated and cultured family. but the sources of these habits are obtained by the books. and books are the enemies of the present charm of books in new generations. they are educated but not knowledgeable,every moment they are involved in crime cultures.
rightly we have to manage the time and make a priority to study/read and do some introspection.time management is must so we can get every thing properly, smoothly, peacefully.