M M S is respected by all and he respects to all. he is the obedient servant of the obedient govt. the thirst of working is a good thing but to work under the unqualified person is not good.yet he is willing to work under the party or party man . god knows. but it is good for him for survive. if he will ignore so he will be no more. rahul gandhi and sonia gandhi are the oxygen of MMS. his every breath is dedicated to the both. it is real obedience of the senior most person. i  hope he has strong will power to lead the nation upto the earth, grass root. previously we were in sky now we are going downwards. if he is incapable to sustain the economy so how it is possible to restore unqualified, inexperienced  rahul gandhi. at present all economists are failed and how we are optimistic on his cleverness. god save the nation . we have no hatred with the congress party or bjp party. we are the public. we know each thing but we are helpless .we have only vote. to day elections are managed not fought. we are  helpless and merciful.
at present we are on the edge of starvation .we have  each things but no money. the prices are highest and peak-est state.although we have money but the money is less and prices are more. equations are fail. we are not worried for future, but our present is in dark. so future is uncertain. MMS has only lip sympathies. he utterly speaks like in silent way. no is able to understand him but he understands the views of his masters. HE IS ACTING AS A HIS MASTER’S VOICE. (H.M V)it is the silly situation of the nation. qualified and intellectuals are too away from the politics. criminals,goondas, murderers, land mafias  and the worst qualities persons are involved in the politics. previously it was a service and now it is a profession, business. so we are failed in all avenues . there is no place of humanity, honesty,character, ethics only yes -manism, corruptions, greasing the palms and opportunists. self centered and own speculations are more important.we are very sorry that at present none is qualified for the post. modi is arrogant, egoistic , criminal back grounds and rahul is inexperienced . we are worried for future of the nation. in this way we are marching towards slavery.