our auspicious  festival begins tomorrow and it would tell us something about the nature of our soul.in these 10  days , we would try to experience the nature of the soul in different ways.some one may take meals only once in a day by giving up his desire for taking his meals number of times.
 DASH LAKSHAN PARV  is therefore important  as during these10 days , we get an opportunity to have our conduct in accordance with the religious code for enlightenment of our soul.to follow this code is necessary for Religious house holders . the life style of monks is always follow DASH LAKSHAN PARV.
1 Perfect Forgiveness.== NO living being can ever attain real nature of his soul without having AHIMSA DHARM( RELIGION OF NON VIOLENCE) . RATBTRAY DHARAM is our grandeur/ decoration of perfect forgiveness etc, are our ornamentation s. only these mediums would enable  us to achieve our emancipation.
A RELIGIOUS house holder should at least  have so much virtue of forgiveness that he remains undisturbed under adverse circumstances , as and when they arise.
 to keep equanimity in both condition i e  attachment or aversion is AHIMSA DHARAM OR KSHAMA DHARMA.