क्रोध और अहंकार की ही तरह आदमी के जीवन में छल-कपट भी व्याप्त रहता है। इसे ही विद्वानों ने माया-चारी या माया-कषाय कहा है। इसके ही कारण आदमी सोचता कुछ और है, कहता कुछ और है और करता कुछ और ही है। जैन मनीषियों ने कहा है कि सुख और शांति कहीं बाहर नहीं, अपने अंदर ही हैं और अपने घर में प्रवेश पाने के लिए वक्रता या टेड़ेपन को छोड़ना परम अनिवार्य है, जैसे सर्प बाहर तो टेड़ा-मेड़ा चलता है, पर बिल में प्रवेश करते समय सीधा-सरल हो जाता है, वैसे ही हमें भी अपने घर में आने के लिए सरल होना पड़ेगा। सरल बनने की ही कला सिखाता है ‘उत्तम आर्जव धर्म।’

) The action of a deceitful person is to think one thing, speak something else and do something entirely different. There is no harmony in his thought, speech and actions. Such a person loses credibility very quickly and lives in constant anxiety and fear of his deception being exposed. Being straight-forward or honest oils the wheel of life. You will be seen to be reliable and trustworthy. Deceitful actions lead to the influx of paap karmas.

b) Delusion about one’s identity is the root cause of unhappiness. Be straightforward to yourself and recognize your true nature. The soul is made up of countless qualities like knowledge, happiness, effort, faith, and conduct. It has the potential to achieve omniscience (Keval Gnan) and reach a state of supreme bliss. Again, the body, the karmas, the thoughts and all the emotions are separate from the true nature of the soul. Only by practicing Nischay Arjav Dharma will one taste the true happiness that comes from within.

a child is able to communicate all his feelings with simplicity by sitting close to his mother and feels happy.similarly the practitioner with simple/straight forwardness,when destroys all his possessions on being YATHAAJAAT (PERFECT NATURAL FORM), starts his journey easily with comfort on his path and then only Aarjav Dharama commences in his life. he gets natural happiness easily.