The QS World University Rankings are based on four key pillars—research, teaching, employability and internationalization. The methodology consists of six indicators: academic reputation (40%), employer reputation (10%), and faculty student ratio (20%), citations per faculty (20%), international students (5%) and international faculty (5%).
 in this context we are very superior in corruptions, laziness, no work culture, no qualified teachers, employees are not honest.our reputations are feasible.we have more productions but no qualities. in our universities students are getting fake, duplicate degrees , mark sheets, fake students,copy writing scandals. we are most corrupts in characters, work cultures and duplicate jobs.
At present in our state MP. there are MBBS FAKE ADMISSION CASES, BDS copying scandals,and many unearthed. these are the tips of the iceberg.we have lost morality. no values of educations, no job securities. after obtain g the degree  they are in search of jobs. qualification standards are poor and in govt organizations without bribery  you could not get jobs. in private /corporate they want quality products. few are no interested in jobs but mostly are dependent on the jobs. so suicides are increased. no sources of income so looting, thefts and criminal activities increased. we are helpless.our politicians are most corrupt class of the world.our laws are not effective as we want. we have at liberty. there are hundreds political parties and local parties. our govt is unknown. all parties are pulling the legs. no party is ready to develop nation. all are based on corruptions.and each one is alleging to other. the students are mostly involved in politics, no interests in education/ study. law less atmosphere is more prevalent.every one is enjoying and not worried for future. only to get degree with copying.
it is not an alarming sign for us. we do not want/ like qualities. we are big in quantities.we are less interested in researches.. we are specialist in short cut playing and how to earn money easily. we are specialist in rapes, corruptions, hoardings, . politicians are the mirror of the society. at present hey are in such situations so our future is in dark and we want also. what is the use of education.nothing. we are only passing time in colleges, universities. at present coaching culture is more developed. all things are ready made. and no efforts.
kindly make a survey of corruptions, stealth, rapes, copying, fake admissions fake degrees  and fake universities , colleges, fake services so we are hopeful that we will be on top . it will be our great success. new generations will be proud of these acts.we want also such is the beauty of nation.who are responsible for the deterioration of such is the matter of introspection.we have a bad reputations and still we are surviving.