MODI is remotes by when he will be the PM so the RSS WILL forcefully applied its policy. that means MODI has two bosses. RSS AND BJP. he will be dependent  on two after his cabinates and after his gangs of he will be also the weakest PM of the nation. he will unable to take decision independently. although he himself says i am white tiger  .i endorse without teeth.still he is challenging but he is not shouting in his state because being the head of state he must be polite and soft but in other places he is also double roles like DOU GALA .he is showing his strength in the country  not in the state.
 i hope ADVANI has taken best decision. he was home minister, deputy PM  AND NOW HE WILL BEAR HIS JUNIOR’S is shameful for him and in central level party leadership. ADVANI WILL BE TREATED AS A JUNIOR AND SECOND LINE MAN. HE WILL FOLLOW HIS JUNIOR AND DISCIPLE. /FOLLOWER.after the opposition of ADVANI, IT WILL NOT EASY TO GET SUCCESS . MODI IS STILL FAILED CANDIDATE OF PM. he is doing only mouth ejaculations and always bitterly speaks.