we are eagerly awaiting the court decision. the decision will be in life  imprisonment or hanged till death.in all aspect it is brute and heinous crime committed by the.
there are 5 sins 1 HINSA (VIOLENCE) JHOOTH (untruth ) CHORI (STEALTH) 4 KUSHHEL (EXTRA MARITAL RELATIONS) AND PRIGRAHA ( POSSESSIONS) their opposite is 5 vritas 1 ahimsa ( non violence) 2 satya (truthfulness) 3 asteya (non stealing) 4 brahmacharya (chastity) 5 aprigraha (non possessions / non attachment).
these are human characteristics. all around the world all rules and regulations, IPC CPC are for only 5 sins. we can not eradicate them but we can minimize the, control them .all medias, papers , films, serials are based on 5 sins and the remedies are 5 vrattas. we are helpless, although all sins are unethicals  and indicated turbid character. how we control these sins . it requires individual mental make up. law is still ,less effective. there must be fear of punishment. arguments are endless but the punishments are based on the quantum of crimes.
in this junction we must develop some religious/social/ moral values.our atmosphere is totally surrounded by 5 sins. we must teach our family members/society/ city/state/nation. this very easy to say. implementations are very hard.our parents/teachers/ religious gurus/ politicians/ riches have lost the moral values and we are pourings sins materials in the films/serials/ news etc.these sins will never stooped. they will increase more and more.individuals are directly responsible for those.