contentment is the feeling of purity. all want to reach higher stages but they do not look to the UN-neccessary  load of possessions or greediness they were carrying ,which is creating obstructions in their upward journey. purity is possible only in the absence of greed. it is the beginning of contentment.
 due to greed and indulgence in sensual pleasures this mundane being is far away from spiritual happiness. this being is continuously wandering in four forms ( GATI) as a result of greed and other passions .this soul takes birth in the hell specially because of anger passion, in Triyanchas due to deceit, in human beings due to  pride and in celestial beings owing to greed. it is miraculous that with more and more  greediness, this mundane being still has desire to become a celestial being. in this way he wants to become more greedy.