in our country many acts are daily violated by the manufacturers, print medias, TVS,. LIKE WISE  daily  print medias are publishing many sex powers, breast enlargement, health building products in prime locations of the papers. it is the violation of DRUGS AND COSMETIC ACT 1940 AND RULES 1945 AND also the violation of the drugs magic remedies act1954 . being the drug inspector i lodged the complaints against 20  pharmaceutical companies  to the DISTRICT COLLECTOR BHOPAL AND S.P BHOPAL . in MP the collectors /deputy collectors,SP /Dy,SP are empowered to take actions against them . more than 4-5 years are passed no actions are taken by the. like wise the PRESS COUNCIL OF INDIA issued the show cause notice to  the leading HINDI NEWSPAPER  of BHOPAL. PCI summoned but i was unable to attend the PCI .
so at present for the sake of money we are pouring unwanted materials . it is the best beginning. i have full proved against them but none is hearing. now it has given me encouragement so i will go to RTI AND WILL ASK to the competent these must be prosecuted and must be punished.