EVERY COIN HAS TWO SIDES. controversies are the part of politics and arguments are endless. i agree with the writer that the fight is between R S S and congress. congress , at present lead by MMS  is failed but not successful. in present time congress is engulfed by the many scams, most corruptions, price hikes, and in many avenues,there is no best performer in the party. MMS is failed in his economy. he says we are successful but we ,the grass root public are the real sufferers.we do not know what is G PD or any technical words but want relief from the price hikes. we are better and bright India. ANNA wants CORRUPTION LESS NATION AND G O I WANTS LESS CORRUPTIONS. it is biggest fight. we have lost hope with the present govt. but the politicians and ministers are doing arbitrary conduct with no restraint.and there is no second line as effective we want so the chances are very feeble  for congress. on this stage that MMS is remotes by party chieftain.
 on the other hand the RSS and co want their hold in power, politics and they are also interested that once they will be in power and earn more and more and they know that in our govt, laws are not effective and forceful so that way they will also earn and the Modi is a symbol. ADVANI HAS no options if he resists so he be thrown out  so silence is the best remedy and follow the yes manism. .at present he is alone and isolated. modi has money, men power, facilities as being the CM he is entertain g his post wisely. but being arrogant, proudly and egoistic he will lead the party  to the ground.  at present the communal violence’s and hatred speeches and over enthusiasm are damaging his image. he is right in own face  but the ugliness  of his acts are exposed. he is inviting many enemies and his gangs of 4 are also damaging him.
we hope that after the election stable and progressive  govt we want. we want peace, good relations and internal peace must be but we can hope and we are the electors and lucks are with them.