UTTAM AAKINCHANY (PERFECT SENSE OF NON ATTACHMENT). to have a feeling of alone -ness amongst all mundane relations is Aakinchan Dharama .really, happiness is not elsewhere but within one-self in alone-ness.
to reflect on the true nature of our Veetaraagataa , by giving up all attachment and aversion and by having a feeling of alone -ness ,is the grandeur of Aakinchan Dharama .
look how ignorant is this mundane -being that he is always afraid of death and he always desires to have happiness but only desire can not bring happiness.no one can escape death because of fear of death. in spite of this, this mundane being under the influence of fear and sexual perversion, puts himself in trouble.
ACTUALLY ,unless there is a realization that this body is not mine, we continue to have attachment with it. there fore ,we are not able to get rid of death nor we get the bliss of salvation.

a) This assists us in detaching from external possessions. Historically ten possessions are listed in our scriptures: ‘land, house, silver, gold, wealth, grain, female servants, male servants, garments and utensils’. Remaining unattached from these helps control our desires and leads to an influx of punya karmas.

b) This assists us in being unattached from our internal attachments: false belief, anger, pride, deceit, greed, laughter, liking, disliking, lamentation, fear, disgust, male sexual desire, female sexual desire and hybrid sexual desire. Ridding the soul of these leads to its purification.


उक्त क्षमा आदि -आठ धर्म-साधन रूप धर्म होते हैं, जिनके अंगीकार करने पर साध्य रूप धर्म-आकिंचन्य और ब्रह्मचर्य की उपलब्धि स्वयंमेव हो जाती है। जब कोई साधक क्रोध, मान, माया, लोभ एवं पर-पदार्थों का त्याग आदि करते हैं और इनसे जब उनका किंचित भी संबंध नहीं रहता तो, उनकी यह अवस्था स्वाभाविक अवस्था कहलाती है। इसे ही ‘उत्तम आकिंचन्य धर्म’ कहा गया है। पर-पदार्थों से संबंध टूट जाने से जीव का अपनी आत्मा (जिसे ब्रह्म कहा जाता है) में ही रमण होने लगता है। इसे ही ‘उत्तम ब्रह्मचर्य धर्म’ कहा जाता है।

ये ही धर्म के दश लक्षण हैं, जो पर्युषण पर्व के रूप में आकर, न केवल जैनों को, अपितु समूचे प्राणी-जगत को सुख-शांति का सन्देश है