although today is the day after completion of DASH LAKSHANN DHRAMA but you have named this day as KSHAAVAANEE PARV . right from early hours of the morning on this day. ,people seek forgiveness  from every house -holder and even when some one was left out ,they seek forgiveness through the letters. this is not real type os seeking Kshamaa .we are on seeking forgiveness every where but we are jealous of our neighbor.

 Bhagwan Mahaveer has said “not to seek forgiveness but excuse everyone”I forgive every one; every one should forgive me. i have friendly feelings towards every one; i have no feeling of enmity for anyone” remember , not to seek forgiveness but to excuse is the best activity. KUNDAKUND SWAMEE has said “i forgive all;even my enemy.enemies and members of the family are alike for monks.”as for as i am concerned ,i forgive every one. i accept that type of forgiveness which would lead to salvation. remember that admiration and censure are all the result of fruition of Karmas . all other persons are merely Nimitt. therefore we should accept Kshamaa; must adopt it as it is our real nature. do not seek forgiveness;have feeling of pardoning” i pardon all jeevas. no one is my enemy. have such an equanimity. this is the only way of emancipation.