he is the real honest person/leader of the nation. he resigned after he was known as a accused.after getting the clean chit by CBI HE is now entitle  for post. HE has shown his integrity and honesty  for nation, political party and to CM. really we need such honest minister and clean character personality. we are proud of his character. really honesty is disappeared and criminals are flourishing. he is very innocent person of the nation. he loves every one and who remains against him so he teaches a lesson  i his own way. so he is very honest in all aspect.CM wants such capable and honest minister.
in this way we powerless persons  must die because justice is no where. might is right. poor has no right to survive in this country. when he has taken the oath according to the Constitution.now he is a government.  we are bound to pay respect to honest person.it is a great  Indian political game.