For non-vegetarians, there will be chicken butter masala, chicken manchurian, roasted chicken and murg jalfarezi.i am amazing that INDIAN RAILWAYS is directly insisting for non veges. we are all know that the qualities of vegetarians diets are sub standards and always remains in high lights. and non veges are more dangerous and also unhygienic s. if you are providing is against the our constitution.we are peace lover and basically all are vegetarians. but if you will provide so unknowingly we orthodox  will be served. non veges should be banned in railways, air lines, and govts functions.these things give wrong messages to the universe. and after effects are not good and healthy. my council opposes such non vegetarians diets . i request to the competent authorities to reconsider the above mentioned issue.we know we are democratic citizens but providing some unwanted /unhealthy foods to the passengers are not genuine.