broom or jhadu is the essential part of our lives. it requires every time and every one. cleanliness is next to starts from the morning  till retirement. because human nature is to do any thing and when he touches any thing become useless so requires broom. previously when my goes to any where in business /religious tours . he was used to stay in dharamashala. so he used to carry small size broom in his articles. his arguments were that if you will reach there if room is not tidy, not clean so it will be the first article which will be useful and second thread or RASSI for the clothes for dry. third always keep one utensil like Lota or pot. for drinking water. fourth always keep one light towel means Gamchha.. ALWAYS USE ONE TURBAN OR PAGDI AND ALSO ONE STICK OR DANDA.
at present these are useless because staying in hotel and all facilities are available  but still these articles are  most useful and needy.