interesting and confusing. all religions advocate the advantages/disadvantages of sex. premarital, marriages and extramarital sexes and so on . all arguments are based on certain principles. writer has mentioned  related religions view. but according to JAINISM they have mentioned in the category of sins. and celibacy ( brahmacharay) is the sign of  vrata. they are also classified for saints  MAHA VRATTA, AND FOR COMMON ANU VRATTA, IN jainism there is no compromise on any issues. if it is known as bad means bad. arguments may be endless. and every one has on presentation. if health is lost, some is lost, if wealth is lost nothing is lost and if character is lost every thing is lost. it is like a wild fire and your are pouring ghee so it increases. there are 4 pursuits  RELIGION, MONEY, LUST AND SALVATION so  earinng money and act of sex must be regulated by religion.excessive and unethical leads to the person in critical positions